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The interlocking brick paving industry is always evolving; new pavers, sealers, specialty sands, edge restraints and more. Along with new products are new installation techniques. Catalogs that were once 3-page trifold brochures 20 years ago are now 120 to 150 page coffee table books. Installation, tech guides and product data catalogs are becoming just as thick.

Employees of Runde´s Landscape Contractors go to several hands-on training seminars each winter to stay on top of new products and new installation techniques that keep us on the cutting edge of the segmental brick paving industry.

A new product that is helping to revolutionize the installation of segmental pavers is now available and Runde´s believes it is of great benefit to the consumer interested in brick pavers.

Introducing the new Gator Tile System - the unit itself is a base of dense, lightweight polyproprolene and it renders the following benefits:

  1. Better load transfer - distributes weight over a large area.
  2. Better freeze and thaw protection. One panel acts like 18 inches of crushed stone as a thermal blanket and reduces freeze/thaw cycles.
  3. Replaces 6 inches of compacted stone.
  4. Environmentally friendly and 100 percent recyclable.
  5. Edging installed on gator Base with special screw.
  6. Eliminates the edging from heaving above the brick. NO MORE PLASTIC EDGING SHOWING ABOVE THE BRICK PAVERS.

Runde´s already installs pavers over concrete on steps and stoops now. We feel the Gator Tile System is the answer for large flat work. This new product and installation technique offer tremendous consumer benefits.

If you would like more information on this product and the installation process, please call Runde´s Landscape Contractors and ask for Joe. We relish the opportunity to share our enthusiasm for this new product with you as well as further help you understand the important issues involved in the ever-evolving, complex segmental paver industry.